Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the commercial

confession: i love watching tv.

i know, i know. there is nothing good on. tv turns your brain to mush. tv is bad. blah blah blah blah blah.

i know there is trash on tv. but really i just love the food network and qvc. i love demonstration tv. i love being sold or convinced of something. i am a marketer's dream.

it is very difficult for me to go to sleep without watching a little tv, much to brent's dismay. he would rather be listening to mix 92.9. please don't tell him i told you that.

i get really irritated at people who say, "oh, i am just too busy to watch tv." or "i just don't like to waste time watching tv." oh please. i think it's impossible to say "i don't watch tv" without a really holier than thou tone. just shut up. it's fine you don't watch tv, but don't act like i am headed straight through the wide gates because i enjoy an occasional (or nightly) demonstration of kitchen shears or bare minerals make-up.

all of that to say, i very much enjoy watching tv. i'm ok with it.

so now that you know this about me, it should not be a surprise to you that a TV COMMERCIAL was what nudged my heart into wanting to adopt. (i told you i was a marketer's dream!)

i remember exactly where i was when i saw this commercial for the first time. i was sitting in my parent's living room, in my dad's "spot" on the sofa (which is a real no no in our family...that makes 2 confessions for this blog post). i don't remember the exact date, but it was in the fall of 2000. i was in 10th grade.

i saw this commercial, which is for jcpenney, and as soon as i saw it i thought, "i am going to adopt one day."

i have done numerous searches for this commercial on youtube. i knew it had to be out there, but i COULD NOT FIND IT! i have been trying for months (seriously).

and today i found it. it was even better than i remembered.

i am not really tech savvy enough to have a little screen embedded into this post to show the commercial (maybe i should spend more time learning about computer stuff instead of watching tv...), but i can share a link. i hope you will watch...

the commercial that started it all

it's amazing what God will use to prick our hearts.

every time i look at a picture of little miss ethiopia i think, "i am so glad i love watching tv."


  1. I love the commercial and so glad you found it. I think it was a sign that great things are about to happen. But what I love most about this post is mix 92.9. Does B love Delilah?